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RemotePlatz - Hiring Portal
Client RemotePlatz
Platform Web
Role Product Designer

RemotePlatz is an Egyptian based hiring portal targeting clients in Germany. The portal allowed developers to submit their CVs for review and after approval their profiles were shown to clients.

The portal was operations and there were around 5000 developer profiles but it lacked a lot of basic features. A lot of the stuff was manual. The jobs were posted in a slack channel which wasn't optimized for such usage.


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I got a 4 page spec doc in the start which I used to prepare myself for user story session.

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User Story Session

Basic system flow for hiring

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The Workflow

Below is the journey of the user story from a requirement in spec doc to high-fid. Note that wireframes are missing in this workflow. The reason is that I already established a basic design system for the portal as the visual vocabulary was clear enough. That meant that iterating in high-fid didn’t cost too much time. This is not always ideal but it made sense in this case.

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High Fidelity

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